What happens when farm kids go to the High School Prom? Well, there is a “promposal” involving a goat, pictures with tractors, animals and pickup trucks, and of course, we wear boots.

DSCN4778In class, we are talking about comedy and humor. Living on a farm can be humorous in itself, but when the kids head off to the prom, it gets even more interesting. This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the LHS Prom, but lets start from the beginning.
I’ve wanted to get a goat for awhile now, so my wonderful boyfriend picked up a goat on the way back from a road trip. My younger sister was in on it and distracted me from going to the barn until almost 11 that night. That distraction was a “Coon Hunt” at the neighbors that technically wasn’t planned. When we finally got to the barn, he came up behind me, scared me, the proceeded to distract me while my sister put the finishing touches on the surprise. After a few minutes, I walked into the main part of the barn to find a goat running around in a little calf pen by the door. This was only part of the surprise. Abby had tied an ear tag around the goat’s neck which had the phrase “PRAAAAAAM?” on it. I said yes, obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this.

Let’s fast forward through all the dress shopping, tux finding and flower stuff. When prom day finally came, I had to get my hair and makeup done (yay.), put on the dress (yay.), and take lots of pictures (yay). The funny part of this whole prom thing was the pictures.

Obviously, farm work doesn’t stop just because of prom. We wenDSCN4802t around the farm taking pictures with family, the goat, our FFA jackets, and tractors, becDSCN4891ause that’s what farm kids do. We got most of the pictures done, but we were missing one important one, pictures with my dad.

My dad happened to be cleaning cattle pens that day. That means he was hauling manure and that means he was dirty and smelled, well, not DSCN4861the best. We caught him just as he was coming in the yard and my sister snapped a pretty cool picture. I told her we can “meme it” with the line “When your kid goes to prom, but you’re a farmer.”

Though there is humor in this prom story, there is a meaningful truth behind this. Farmers are always working. Even though my parents can’t always get away from the farm for things, I know they care and they are proud of myself and my siblings. The heath and wellbeing of our animals always comes first. My dad sometimes feels bad about missing school activities, but that’s just the way it is. The farm needs to be taken care of because we are helping to feel the world.

Think about this. Every day, you need a farmer. If you eat, wear clothes, or drive a vehicle, you need a farmer. Everyday you use things made from something a farmer somewhere produced. Farmers work hard to provide many things for the world. They work hard and miss out on family things to help ensure that your’s will have something to eat everyday. Remember to thank them for their time and commitment to the Agricultural Industry.


2 thoughts on “PRAAAAAAM?

  1. Let me just say bhahahahahahaha. Kinda sad though because I wasn’t mentioned at all in this but oh well. Love how you tied this into class and staying true to our ag roots. Also “it’s Dave!” This blog actually made me smile but I did not lols. But great job!

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