Forever Blue…


Why is it so emotional to see high school seniors graduate? Maybe it’s the fact they are already adults and are ready for the next chapter in their lives or CI5A9724maybe it’s the fact they will be running around unsupervised all day since they won’t necessarily be in school anymore. There could be many reasons for tears this Spring, but I have a very significant reason for feeling the way I do. Though many of these people will not see this, I want to talk about some very important people to me here at Litchfield High School, specifically, my fellow officers on the 2016-2017 Litchfield FFA officer team.

Before this gets all sappy, I would like to say that, though we didn’t always get along, we worked through our differences, accomplished our goals, and most importantly, we were there to celebrate our successes and console each other in times of failure. From CDE team members, to fellow officers, and even just fellow members you have all made an impact on our chapter and on me. Now, time to get sappy.

Jordan- As most people probably know, I aCI5A9681m particularly fond of you. Through our relationship, I have been able to see you grow into your full potential. You have really pushed yourself to improve your academic performance and also help others. Your leadership as a FFA officer has helped to push our chapter towards success. Thank you for always helping me and my family on the farm and always being there when I need you. I’m excited to see where your future takes you and I’m glad I get to be a part of it.

Rachel- Though we always make fun of you we still love you, most of the time. Your dedicatioCI5A9967n to the chapter has been a strong asset to accomplishing our goals. Our fun times at Officer Retreats, contests, and State Convention will always be cherished. I hope you can remember all the “Parli stuff” we were drilled with at our many 7 A.M. practices. I know you will do well in life and anything else you choose to pursue. Good luck on the farm and take in everything you can as a member of the Region V Officer team in the upcoming year.

CI5A9488Kylee- I know we haven’t always clicked, but I would say we have grown closer over the past couple years. Seeing you setting high goals for yourself and achieving them is truly an inspiration. You have made Litchfield FFA proud. Don’t forget you home chapter when you move on to a National FFA Office position. We are always rooting for you! Good luck with all you will do in the upcoming year serving as the Minnesota State FFA Secretary and also, you will rock with your speech at National Convention!

Jayden- HCI5A9596onestly, you can be a pain in the butt. But, I will say that’s not always a bad thing. You have been able to get everything together to be ready to graduate, and for that, I congratulate you. Our long chats about life and all the drama have helped me keep my sanity over the past couple years. Thank you for your work as a chapter officer and congratulations on all of your accomplishments through the FFA.ci5a9856.jpg

Jennah- Even though I can get kinda crabby, we always seem to work it out. I know you will do well as you work to become a teacher. Your passion for both 4-H and FFA will help you to excel in passing on that passion to your future students. Keep working hard and you will go far.

Some of you guys have taken off your blue jackets for one of the last times at our chapter banquet. Some of you will continue to wear it with pride as you serve on Region and State officer teams or receive your American Degree. Though this may be end of your high school FFA career, this is not the end of your leadership. Take the skills FFA has taught you and bring them into the workplace and even your everyday lives. I has been an honor to serve as a chapter officer with all of you, and though it’s hard to see you go, your impact on the chapter will be known by many members to come. Thank you for your dedication and service to the FFA. Good luck with everything you do in life and always remember your roots. #ForeverBlue


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