Forever Blue…


Why is it so emotional to see high school seniors graduate? Maybe it’s the fact they are already adults and are ready for the next chapter in their lives or CI5A9724maybe it’s the fact they will be running around unsupervised all day since they won’t necessarily be in school anymore. There could be many reasons for tears this Spring, but I have a very significant reason for feeling the way I do. Though many of these people will not see this, I want to talk about some very important people to me here at Litchfield High School, specifically, my fellow officers on the 2016-2017 Litchfield FFA officer team.

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What happens when farm kids go to the High School Prom? Well, there is a “promposal” involving a goat, pictures with tractors, animals and pickup trucks, and of course, we wear boots.

DSCN4778In class, we are talking about comedy and humor. Living on a farm can be humorous in itself, but when the kids head off to the prom, it gets even more interesting. This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the LHS Prom, but lets start from the beginning.
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Put Your Phone Down…

How many times a day do you see people walking past you or even driving with their eyes glued to an electronic device of some sort? People of all ages these days are being sucked into their devices and not paying attention to their surroundings. There are so many things to see in this world, Facebook can wait.

In class, we have been talking about new disorders that have come from the “Digital Age.” The one that stood out the most to me was “Nomophobia,” or “No-mobile-phone-phobia.” This is the fear of being separated from a cellular, or other device. This is becoming a serious problem, especially in younger people. Many people are becoming too dependent on their mobile devices and freak out when they are separated from them, sometimes to the point of anxiety and depression. Many studies have found many people, especially college age, have increased levels of anxiety when they become separated from their phones, even for a few minutes. Phones are expensive and usually hold a lot if personal information, but of you freak out because you misplace it at home, that is a true sign of the separation anxiety.

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See Ya Later…

When you think of fear, you probably think of dangerous or threatening situations. You probably think of horror movies or thriller films. In class, we are learning about thriller films and the suspense created in them. Fear also plays a large role in these types of films, but for this post, I’m going to talk about a different type of fear. The fear of losing a friend or loved one.


Jared Anez

On March 14th, 2017, the agriculture industry lost an amazing man. Jared Anez, the President of Anez Consulting, died suddenly of a major heart attack. He was only 45. He left behind a thriving family business, an amazing wife, six wonderful kids, and many family members and friends. He left many stories and many memories with many people. Though his life was cut short, he surely didn’t waste it.
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Get G-M-Over It Already…

Why do people think they need to argue about everything, especially their food? I always hear talk about GMOs, organic foods, free range, and of course the vegans. As an agriculturalist, I am slightly biased to these topics, but knowing the real truth is important in the lives of every American consumer. For the sake of my sanity and possibly your own, we are going to stick to GMOs.

Let’s start off with informational sources. With so much controversial media and propaganda, it is very hard to find real facts on these subjects. If you are looking for information on any controversial subjects, be aware of sites which only state negative things about either side of the issue. Sources which have facts or arguments from both sides are more creditable, but remember to check what kind of organization published the information. A government organization, such as the USDA, would be a great place to start searching for the real facts.


Let’s start with GMOs. The big hype now days is “GMO Free.” There is a fairly large number of people who feel the need to fight  over how food is labeled and how it is produced. These people are usually multiple miles and generations removed from the farm. The closest they’ve been to a farm is the perfect scene on their overpriced package of “free range, organic, non-GMO” tofu from the nearest vegan shop. (Note the sarcasm in that last sentence.) Here is a list of GMOs, their uses, and the new trait(s) approved for use in the United States:

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Faith, Family, Farming…

A farmer’s life is hard. Working all day, everyday. No matter the weather, chores need to get done. Weekends? More like all the kids are around to help out- all day. Holidays? More kids to come help with evening chores before Christmas supper. Vacations? They can’t leave. Who’s going to feed the cattle and check the fields? Even if a farmer did take a vacation, he would be worried about what’s going on at home. Did the help get the cattle rations right? Are all the animals bedded down with dry straw? Did any of them get sick or injured? What if a calf is born or a cow has difficulties getting that calf on the ground? So many worries, why even bother? Not to mention they probably can’t afford one anyway. Unless you’re a crop farmer, but that’s a different argument in itself.

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